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Chief Barketing Officer (CBO)


Schatzi is a long haired German Shepherd. His mother was actually imported from Poland when she was pregnant with Schatzi and his littermates. Schatzi was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Signal Mountain.

When Is His Birthday?

He was born on May 26th, 2022.

His Personality Traits:

This boy is all energy! When he’s not “working,” he’s just a big, energetic goofball. It’s impossible not to laugh at his crazy antics.

Favorite Snacks?

Schatzi is not picky! He loves all snacks equally and will happily munch on whatever you are offering. If he had to pick, he would say his favorite snacks are Pedigree’s MarroBones. They are like chips for dogs!

His Superpower:

In addition to being our Chief Barketing Officer (CBO), Schatzi has actually gone through extensive professional training and is a service dog who performs a number of critical tasks.

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