How to Use Online Social Media Events to Improve Your Marketing


Social media is a powerful tool for making connections with your audience. Utilizing the potential of interactive events on different social media outlets takes this interaction even further, helping you build your brand and strengthen your community of fans and customers.

Here are your 3 TO DOs to take advantage of different online social media events:

1. Organize a focus group on Google+ hangouts to discuss the needs of your customers face-to-face. Set a date and time, and create a list of people to invite. Click here for more help getting started:

2. Plan a virtual launch on Facebook. Creating an event surrounding the launch of a product or service reaches your audience directly, without the filters that sometimes hide content from those who like your page. Click here to get started:

3. Use Google+ hangouts again – this time to create a webinar to demonstrate your products or services. Promote it periodically through all social media platforms to increase your audience.

For more detailed information on how to use online social media events, visit this article: